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For some time we have been reviewing alternate options for clients that want a pure cloud solution. Our aim was to find a system similar to InterAcct in its flexibility and features. The best we found was a package from Europe called Odoo

We have a few Odoo installations done now and have a fair idea of what the features and limits to the software are. Its a good package but no as strong in the Job costing elements as InterAcct. But it more than makes up for it in its other features relating to Ecommerce, and multiple system platforms. 

We have now developed a Job Costing Module for Odoo which we are ready to install for Odoo Customers.

While there is some overlap between the two packages, its another feather in our cap to be able to drawn down on Odoo when needed to help clients get the best package to meet their needs.

We will continue to develop and support our own software long into the future. It is faster to add/change, and has many more years of development included in it. 


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Paul Rainbow