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Why InterAcct Invoicing?

  • Options
Invoicing Products and Services is part of the base InterAcct system. An extension of this is the Distribution module which adds extra features in addition to the invoicing options available with Job Costing
  • Pricing Formulas
One of the main added features of the Distribution module is a multi-tiered pricing structure for products by customer
  • Point of Sale
One optional software module is the I-POS system, a sophisticated Retail Point of Sale system suitable for Supermarkets and high volume cash register sales with EFTPOS, Cash Drawers, Scales and Barcode Readers.
  • Management Information
InterAcct’s ‘Database Mining’ feature allows analysis of Sales and Profits by Employee, Region, Industry, Product Item, Branch, etc.
  • Quick & Easy
InterAcct has a focus on the speed of data input, accuracy and simplicity.


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