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General Ledger Budgets made fast. Increase by Month or Year from Budget or Actuals.

We have made some improvements on the functions to calculate the Fiscal Budgets for the next year. You can now setup to use the Actual or Budgets from a prior fiscal year and add a percentage increase or decrease to the numbers on a monthly or yearly basis.

These new features and defaults are setup under the Chart of Accounts, and will be remember for future years. They can be adjusted at any stage if changes are expected in that general ledger account. E.g. Electricity Prices are expected to rise by 4% next year for example.

Then under the Budget versions, you can have setup as many different versions depending on your optimism of the forecast.

Each Version, then can have a Budget for each fiscal year.

Then you can copy the prior year’s Actual or Budget and use the percentages in the General Ledger Setup to create you your budget super fast.

Then you can create a 12 Month Budget Report which shows you the whole picture for the year.

This is the type of report you will then see when you want to run a Multi Year Budget Report.

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Paul Rainbow