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Why InterAcct Stock Control?

  • Stock/Products/Materials
 Regardless of whether you hold inventory in a warehouse, the InterAcct Stock Control system holds purchase and Sales / Usage history of materials and product items
  • Flexible
Stock may be held in multiple warehouses, and / or Bin Locations. They may be held in Sheets / Lengths. Items may have Serial / Batch numbers, Use-By dates, or be controlled by Colour Dye Batch Numbers. They may also be part of a Sales / Production Kit, or used in a Bill of Materials for Manufacturing. Allowing better Stock Control
  • One Database, Many Uses
Product items may be quoted, sold, used on jobs, or in manufacturing
  • Control
Knowing when, and how much, to purchase is the key to managing the correct stock levels. Trends in demand for a product can also be viewed on a month by month basis
  • Quick & Easy
InterAcct reduces the amount of admin effort required to keep proper Stock Control Records

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