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Highlights for Chemical /Ink / Paint Manufacturing Software

  • Sales, Stock, bill of materials , Jobs, plus Accounting.
  • Create multiple pack sizes, even for the one run.
  • The Software calculates PH, Epoxy %, and Specific Gravity.
  • Tracks both raw materials, packing, bulk products, and finished goods.
  • Automatic purchase orders, works orders, stock issues.
  • Optional input daily made quantities. Auto calculate the related Costs.
  • Speed of data input, accuracy, and simplicity. 

Software benefits for Paint Manufacturers

  • Bill of Materials (BOM) are created for each “Made” item.
  • Bill of Materials are made from Materials, Labour, Machines, Subbies, and Sundries.
  • Sub-Assemblies that can be used by multiple products.
  • Units of measure can be Each, meter, m2, or m3. Even add your own in.
  • The stock level, so you know what can be made.
  • Images of BOM’s and work instructions.
  • BOM copy routine. 
  • BOM re-costed.
  • Materials reserved and purchase orders created automatically.
  • Checks materials are available for production.
  • Materials issued from stock automatically.
  • Optional, input the made quantities each day, and it will calculate the labour time and materials used automatically.
  • Variance analysis reporting.
  • Production for stock or shipped to clients.
  • Option for both volume and weight formulas.


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