Repair Software (estimating)

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Why InterAcct Repair Software?

  • Simple to Use
InterAcct’s Repair software Work System allows a Job to
have any number of Repair Work ‘Sections’.
Within each Section, Any number of attached Repair Tasks to
each Section
  • Modular
This is part of the Job Costing module which can be added to the
base InterAcct system
  • Options
Repair Work Estimating, Quoting and Invoicing
is just one method (among many) available
with the InterAcct Job Cost module
  • Simplicity
The emphasis on the Repair system is on
simplicity and speed to create a customer
quotation and later prepare the Job Invoice
  • Larger Jobs
There is also the no cost option to use more
detailed estimating and quoting options.
Estimating by Cost Item including Labour
Classes, Materials, Trade Work Tasks, Plant &
Equipment used, Sundries etc.


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