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Why InterAcct Detailed Estimating?

  • Integration
All incoming Sales Enquiries can be recorded
with InterAcct, prior to meeting with the
Prospect, preparing an Estimate, generating a
Quotation and then winning the business. Data entered flows through the system to avoid double entry.
  • Modular
There are options available when
preparing either with Detailed Estimating or Summary Estimating for for small jobs.
  • Unlimited Estimates per Job
One job can have any number of Detailed Estimates, as
it is easy to make a copy of one Detailed Estimate in
order to make changes or revisions
  • Phases
Detailed Estimating has totals summarised into
‘Phases’ or Sub-Jobs and further broken down
into Cost Items
  • Semi-Automatic (Kitting)
Semi-Automatic Detailed Estimating can be achieved
through the use of pre-defined Kits which are
templates comprised of Materials, Labour,
Subbies, Machine Time and Sundries. See the Job Kits for more details
  • Quotes
InterAcct Detailed estimating allows you to confirm price quotes linking details of your cost estimate through to the quote print. See the Job Quotes page for more options to Configure Price Quote (CPQ Software).


Detailed Estimating Demo Video

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