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Why InterAcct Payroll Software?

  • ATO Reporting
InterAcct Software works with both Single Touch Payroll (STP V2.0) and Super Stream. Our product having been white listed for both
  • Classification Tables
Payroll Classification Tables are, for the most part, already setup, enabling to creation of Payroll Types such as Ordinary Pay, Overtime, Allowances, Deductions, Annual Leave, etc.
  • Modular
As InterAcct is modular by design, the Payroll system is an additional module which can be purchased and added into a current InterAcct system at any time
  • Control
InterAcct Payroll Software enables the definition of Pay Point Locations, Work Place Locations, Awards and Work Place Agreements
  • Export to .aba
InterAcct Payroll software exports its pay runs as a .ABA (Australian Bankers Association) file, which can be uploaded to your bank, automatically ‘batch’ paying all transactions
  • Easy Tax
Use InterAcct with Tax Scales, Tax Tables, Average Tax or Assessment to define a tax rate, minimizing tax credits and debits
  • Reports
 InterAcct Payroll can create Payment Summaries (Group Certificates), Subbies payment summaries, Super Stream,  and many more.
  • Update Scales
Annually download new Tax Scales at no charge as they are updated by the ATO

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