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Highlights for Importers Software

  • With the Importers Software we highlight the degree of integration of the InterAcct system – linking Purchasing, Suppliers, Stock, and Sales Orders into a simple to use package.
  • “What if ?” costing shows what the Landed Cost might be – with different exchange rates, freight methods, and import cost factors.
  • Dual currency supported
  • You are able to attach one or more Purchase Orders/Product Items to an imported shipment.
  • The system automatically calculates the expected landed cost of each item, and then compares that estimate with the actual cost (per each shipment cost factor).
  • When a container off a shipment is received into store, you can automatically land the goods at the “Best” known landed cost.

Software benefits for Importers

  • In setting up your InterAcct system, for each foreign Supplier you can define the freight methods (eg. Air, Sea), and basis (eg. FOB, CIF).
  • For each freight/basis (per Supplier), you can define the Import Cost Factors used to calculate the Landed Cost.
  • There are no limits to the number of factors, and they can be based on local or foreign currency, weight (KG), or volume (M3).
  • When creating your Product (Stock) database, you can automatically calculate the estimated landed cost based on a nominated currency exchange rate.
  • When raising a Purchase Order for a foreign Supplier, the unit price is recorded in both foreign currency and the local A$ value.
  • When the supplier notifies you that the shipment is in transit, you can create a shipment register.
  • You can attach one or more purchase orders to a Shipment, and even define what product lines are included.
  • The system will automatically use the Supplier’s shipment cost factors to estimate the landed cost – per each Cost Factor.
  • The actual costs associated with the shipment are entering as both foreign currency and local A$ invoices. They are posted against the Shipment record as a comparison to the estimated cost.
  • At the point when a shipment container is received into store, you can ‘nominate’ the landed cost to use for each Cost Factor (either Actual costs to date, or your best Estimate).
  • Goods received are then automatically booked into stock. They can be ‘reserved’ for any related Sales Order (backorder) or for a Job.
  • When received (in whole or in part), the Purchase Order database, Stock database, Supplier database are also updated to track the progress.
  • There is provision to note any serial numbers of goods received.
  • Any remaining actual shipment costs are also posted against the Shipment, and when all complete, any remaining small cost variance can be written off by journal.
  • Upon payment of the foreign currency invoice, any exchange rate variance can be accounted (difference between exchange rates at time of invoice & final payment).


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