InterAcct is a Leader Partner Supplying Breeze Connect Plans

We looked around for a while to find a better phone system and plan and finally decided to go with Breeze Connect who is part of the Leader Group. 

We have been using the service for a few months now without any issues and great quality calls/connections.

Breeze Connect supply us with the Landline numbers and 1300 number and plans to host these. These are called SIP Trunks. They offer either Unlimited plan or Pay as You Go and we found the rates very competitive.

We have reduced our phone bill to about a third of the price of our previous IP Phone system.

They also now offer NBN Plans, again at a good rates too.

We now use 3CX as our new phone system, which you can use for free. But for us, we purchased the Small Business Plan for the few more options and features.

If you are interested in finding out prices or the change over process you can give us a call or email to discuss.

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