Bill of MaterialsQuick ProductionKit ConversionCustom Production
This demonstration video shows the process of creating a Bill of Materials (BOM) right from entering Supplier Masterfiles, the Materials/Products database, and then the BOM.
This quick demonstration video shows how simple the option of Quick Production is in the software. It shows setup of a BOM as well as running through a simple example of a production.
Anyone that makes anything should consider the ‘Kit Conversion’ system. It can be used as a low cost alternative to InterAcct’s Manufacturing software module, and indeed the Job Costing software. A ‘Kit’ is a simple recipe (single level Bill of Materials) to make something. The Kit can be any combination of Cost Items including Materials, Labour, Sub Contractor’s costs, Factory Machine time, and Sundry Costs. Overheads can also be added to the cost. The Kit Conversion software links with Stock, Customer’s Sales Orders, and Jobs (when making sub assemblies). The emphasis is very much on speed and simplicity of converting component materials into a new finished product.
This is an example of a personalised system. In it we look at using the base InterAcct as a starting point but changing a few key aspects to have the system better suited for a clients needs. We look at manufacturing and Sales Orders

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