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Highlights for Distributors Software


  • A powerful Distributors Software application combining stock/warehouse control, sales order processing, purchasing, sales/profit analysis, and relating accounting functions.
  • The Customer database has multiple delivery addresses, product purchase history, multiple Price Levels, and strong credit control processes. The focus is on speed of data input, accuracy, and simplicity.
  • Purchasing also integrates with Import Shipment costing and tracks progress of stock deliveries back to the source sales order.
  • The Inventory control system offers multiple warehouse & bin locations, movements tracking by order, history of buy/sell and adjustments, and Suggested Re-Order reporting.
  • The Sales Order and invoicing systems offer initial quotations, back/forward order control, links for purchasing, and the option to sell by serial/batch numbers.
  • Sales/Profit analysis is provided by multiple dimensions – product – customer – salesperson and by period (day, week, month).

Software benefits for Distributors

  • The distribution software system can interface with Bar Code Readers, Cash Drawers, Weighing Scales, EFTPOS, and Touch Screens.
  • Stock can be despatched from multiple warehouse locations and bin locations.
  • With the Sales Order Processing system, there are the options of Serial Number Stock Control, Batch Numbers with Use by Dates, and sale of Carpet Rolls.
  • The back order system updates the Required to Purchase (Make) file to automatically create Purchase Orders.
  • InterAcct typically personalise their systems for each customer – add/changing/deleting the fields, files & menus to suit.
  • Stock items that are available for sale can be ‘reserved’ prior to their physical despatch.
  • There is an option to set a bundle (kit) of product items.
  • Sales Order and Invoices update numerous sales/profit analysis files throughout the system.
  • The SOP system integrates with Purchase Orders and Imported shipments to track the movement of stock to when available.
  • Another option with the SOP system is the sale of fashion items – in a matrix of by Style, Colour, and Size.
  • The system can print Quotations, Order Confirmations, Picking Slips, Despatch Dockets, Stock Labels, Cash Receipts, and Sales Invoices.


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