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Why InterAcct Quoting software?

  • Many options
Within the InterAcct system, there are no less than six different ways in which you can create a customer quotation. Three of these quoting methods relate to the Job Costing system, with the other three associated with straight Products & Services quotes.
  • Flexible
Typically before preparing a quotation you would register the sales enquiry, and possibly prepare a Cost Estimate first. The Job Cost Estimate would show what the quoted price should be, but there is no compulsion to quote that same value.
  • Layouts
The Job Quoting software has 5 different layouts with options to export to Word documents. Making dropping in images or other changes quick and easy
  • Quick and Easy
The Job Quoting software is designed to make it fast for any user to create a professional quote with minimal effort
  • Reporting
With all quoting software in InterAcct, the information collects into a central quote register allow you to see projected sales figures by sales person, Branch or type.
  • Costings
How do I work out what should appear on the Quote ? See our page on Job Estimating


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