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Why InterAcct Import Costing Software?

  • Imports
Australia is a country of Importers rather an
Manufacturers, however a lot of software often
overlooks import costing in Accounting Systems
  • Integration
Importing highlights the degree of integration
of InterAcct linking Purchasing, Suppliers, Stock
and Sales Orders into a simple to use package
  • What If?
InterAccts Landed Cost Software allows for ‘What If? Costing’ to calculate what Costs might be, with different exchange rates, freight methods, ports and import cost factors
  • Flexible
InterAcct supports attaching one or more
Purchase Orders / Product Items to one
imported shipment with it’s Import Costing Software
  • Automatic Calculations
InterAcct automatically calculates the expected
Landed Cost of each item, and then compares
that estimate with the actual cost
  • Best Known Cost
When a container is received, goods can be
automatically landed at the ‘Best’ known landed
cost into Inventory
  • Foreign/Dual Currency
When placing Purchase Orders for a foreign
Supplier, unit prices are recorded in both
foreign currency and local A$ value


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