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InterAcct’s Job Costing Construction Software for Builders. This shorter video (6 minutes) has a longer version if you want to see things in more detail or a relaxed pace.

Project Managers review of the InterAcct Job Costing system.

Detailed Estimates allow for a more in-depth breakdown of expected costs on a job.  One job can have many estimates, and each estimate later be used as a basis for preparing a Quotation. Job Budgets are also able to be created from a Detailed Estimate.

Quick estimates focus on speed of data entry and not getting bogged down in counting nails. Well suited for where subbies are providing the products and services and you just need to enter in totals to sections of the job.

InterAcct has many ways to create a quote. This will show you many of the standard system quote outputs. They can still be changed if required.

Construction job creation, with Job Budget. It shows materials, purchasing, works orders, and other job cost transactions.

One of the 2 versions of the InterAcct software tablet timesheet application. In this version you can control large teams of staff. 

InterAcct Phases or Sub Job Module. Allows you to break a large project down into Work Based Sections, Cost Centres, Stages or whatever terms your team uses. 

Other Videos that might be of interest

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Repair work system, that allows for quick quotes/estimates under jobs.

Accounting software standard reports and transactions.

With the InterAcct Scheduler, you can create a graphical calendar of your diary – to see one or more employees, for a day, week, or month.

Summary review of the InterAcct Payroll system.

Client Relationship Management functions.

InterAcct Kit estimating system.

Variation to Contract on a Project/Job setup with sub jobs of Phases.

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