InterAcct Software is arguably the best management and accounting application available to Australian businesses.

InterAcct Software is an Australian made software packages that integrates all the essential business information.

Features of our software

The normal business cycle starts with a Marketing system to qualify sales leads – so InterAcct offers direct mail functions – with analysis on the source of leads and their conversion statistics into revenue.

Once the sales enquiries have been recorded in the database, then the Sales Management (CRM) functions take over to convert those sales leads into estimates, quotes, and then sales orders. Sales activity targets highlight the salesperson’s performance against actual results, as does the ability to analyse the reasons for Lost Business.

For many InterAcct customers they need to produce quotations – either relating to jobs and projects, or just for products and services. Before preparing a quote, InterAcct allows you to estimate costs (for jobs) broken down into Labour, Materials, Trades, Hire, and Sundries. Later, once the job is in work in progress, you can monitor the variances between budget and actual costs.

At the core of the InterAcct system is the accounting. After more than forty years of software development, InterAcct has perfected their accounting system to be simple to use, and practical. An enormous amount of management information and key performance indicators (KPI’s) can be generated automatically from the InterAcct accounting software system that is up to the minute accurate. The ability to personalise the standard InterAcct package quickly (and inexpensively) has resulted in numerous Industry versions and modules. These include manufacturingservice & maintenance scheduling, import shipment costing, distribution, batch & serial number tracking, and retail point of sale. Software flexibility is often seen as the key to long term success with business software.

Software Modules descriptions and the videos linked to those can be found on this page

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