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Marine Vessel Database Enhancements for Ports and Container Ships

Vessel/Ship Database

There are 2 versions of the Marine Database in InterAcct, one is for Domestic Boats/Ships where the Rego Number is important, and then the Vessel/Ship Database for Commerical Vessels is used for when the IMO Number is what is the main way the Ships are recorded in the Database.

Ship Relationships

Allocated to a ship you can record many different relationships your contact names might have to this ship. They might be the current owner, an agent, a commerical manager, a brooker or an  “ex” contact, or something else. Whatever thier relationship is with the ship you can record it again the ship.

Marine Job Header Record

When you create a Job against a ship you can find the ship by the IMO Number, Client or Ship Name. Then you define the type of work which will determine the fields and menus you will see. You might not see options likes Estimates and Quotes for example for Do and Charge Work.

When entering in the Job Header, you will get a list of the Clients/Contacts which relate to the ship and you will be able to select one of these to be the Contact for the work to be done. 

Later when you do the Invoice for the work, you can either use this contact or another name related to the ship.

Remember we can modify the database to meet your exact requirements, so if this similar to what you need we can use this as a starting point.

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