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Third Party Integration with InterAcct Software. If there is access there is normally a way to connect.

Over the years we have been asked by or clients to integrate to a Third (3rd) Party package. And generally the answer has been “Yes, we can do it.” Typically there is something that another software package does, or older established software in the company or software which talks to some sort of machines. Some […]

Case Studies Client Systems InterAcct Features

Custom Main Menus – Stock Warehouse Manager – Saves your staff time!

From time to time we get asked to design different Main Menus for a customer. Sometimes these main menus are just for a single user in the organisation. For example the Warehouse Manager quite often has a Main Menu setup for checking Purchase Orders, receiving goods, sending goods, stock adjustments and stocktakes. And doesn’t need […]

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Average Cost

I was talking with someone today and regarding the cost of the software and was asked a question on what the average size and cost would be for an InterAcct installation? On average our sites have 7 users and it costs them around $21,000 for the software and services. There are users with just a […]