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Cloud Computing

One question asked of us by many new potential users, is does InterAcct supporting Cloud Computing?

The basic answer is yes, but first we must understand what Cloud Computing is, and what options are available to users.

Cloud Computing is storing information for a software application on a remote site to be able to access that data from remote locations. The term is being used by marketing companies to describe two different kinds of service.

  1. An application that is designed to work over the internet in its self. Sometimes through a web browser or another tool directly connecting to the data. Example : Xero
  2. A virtualization service allowing remote users to connect to through a terminal service to a virtual desktop that then allows them to run an application. Examples would include :
    1. Microsoft Terminal Server
    2. Citrix
    3. Teamviewer

For more information download our note on Cloud Computing, InterAcct on Cloud.

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Paul Rainbow