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Best of Breed

Sir Alex Issigonis once said that “A camel is a horse designed by a committee”.

Sometimes people looking for software try to find the “best of breed software” for each department of their company, based on current needs. There is a hope that this will then mean that each is working at maximum efficiency.

The reality is for many that there is a sometimes a lot of work and cost to have these packages talk with each other automatically or even worse a lot of duplication of work to keep each of these packages manually updated. As well as gaps or overlaps

Does it feels like you are making your own Camel sometimes? Looking at each part of your systems they look great but it’s just not getting the speed and efficiency that you are looking for?

ERP systems are designed to start life as a horse, and a good ERP system will also allow for growth and change as your business changes.

While your business may not need all of the features today that InterAcct offers, as things change you may find that you do need more. With InterAcct you can purchase at any stage additional modules to suit your needs.

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Paul Rainbow