The InterAcct system is priced based on the software modules that you wish to have access to. Some modules have multiple options under them, but I have listed the major modules below with a brief description of what the module does and a link to the video on the topic where available.

The heading of each module is also a link to a video on that topic if one exists and if there is a detailed profile on the  module a link to that can be found at the end of each paragraph.

Base Software : Must be purchased for each installation and includes the  following :
Sales & Marketing Database, Letter Writer, Messages & Appointments Diary
Debtors – Accounts Receivable, Credit Control, Purchase History, Sales/Profit Analysis
Quick Quotes & Invoicing, Sales/Profit Analysis
Inventory – Stock Control,  Min/Max Re-Orders, Aged Analysis
Creditors – Accounts Payable, EFT Payments
Purchasing, Required to Purchase, Requests for Quotes
EFT Payments, Credit Cards, Cheque Payments
General Ledger, Financial Reporting, Bank Reconciliations, GST/BAS, Full Audit Trails
Management Information, Key Performance Indicators

Job Costing Module : Allows the Job Estimates, Job Costing, Project Management and is also required for the Manufacturing module and the Service Maintenance Module. More Info.

Manufacturing : Creates jobs that produce Products that can be either sold or put into stock. Requires the Job Costing Module. There are multiple methods that this module can be used with. More Info

Kit Conversions/Basic Manufacturing: Stock conversion module to remove a number of products from stock and replace them with a number of other products. More Info

Job Costing By Phase :   Have a large custom project broken up into sub-jobs or Phases.

Job Cost Kitting :   This is a single level Kit/BOM that can be used for custom projects and estimating. Different Units of measures can be created with their own recipe. More Info

Service Maintenance : Allows you to track the service history of client equipment in the software. More Info

Marine Database : Simular to Service Maintenance except for Marine Vessels. More Info

Building Repairs : A different take on the estimating module that allows simple work tasks to be entered under a job with an expected cost for them. More Info

Fixed Asset module : This module calculates the Depreciation on Fixed assets for the business.  Without it you can still enter the journals from your Accountant and track the use and scheduling of Machines and tools for the business. More Info

 Visual Scheduler : Connects with the standard system diary to give a visual representation of that data as well as allow quick timesheet creation based on that schedule. Another advantage over the outlook only calendar being able to pull data regarding the jobs through to the new appointments. More Info

Exchange Server Module : Firstly, it pulls all emails going into and out of the organisation and logs them against clients and suppliers. Secondly it synchronises data from the diary to the outlook calendar. More Info

Sales Order Distribution : A Sales system with improved back-order control as well as pricing levels and the option for sales order Kits. More Info

Sales Order KittingThis module allows you to setup sales order bundles or kits with pricing for the kits themselves.

Export Sales Module : This is an add-on to to the Sales order Entry system that allows for sales invoices to be raised in other Currencies.

Import Shipment Module : This module is for tracking costs on importing goods from overseas. The cost value of the goods is increased by the costs of bringing in the products as well as allowing creditors and purchase orders to store data of purchased and invoices in foreign currencies.  There are two videos on the topic on the website  the shorter one is here .  More Info

Serial Number tracking : This module links through to the Product/Stock Database and the Manufacturing database to track the serial numbers or VIN numbers of items purchased or made.

Stock by Batch :  Tracks the batches of products purchased and used/sold. Each item can have this turned on or off from it. It can also track stock by Colour and or Use by date. A product cannot be batch tracked as well as serial number tracked.

Stock by Length :  This module allows for one product to have multiple lengths or sheets to the same product. So you could have some 45 x45 6mm RHS and Buy / Use/Sell it in 5000mm lengths and 6500mm Lengths without having to have 2 products setup. More Info

Stock Multiple Warehouses : Allows you to track stock in more than one warehouse location

Stock Multiple Bin Locations : Allows you to have the same product in a number of locations within one warehouse.

Payroll Module : Employee payroll, including Super Stream and Single Touch Payroll Version 2.0. More Info

Point of Sale : A point of sale module (POS) that stands alone sending data back to the server. More Info

Hire Assets : Allows hire of Assets or Products. More Info

Father/Son :  This module is designed to allow one Head Office client to have multiple sub office accounts that can be treated as different clients but linked for statements or reports.

Divisional AccountingAllows for general ledger accounts and transactions to be linked to specific Divisions or Departments and for Financial reports to be able to group or filter these transactions.

Multiple Legal Entities : Allows one copy of InterAcct to have multiple ABNs and to create automatic transactions between entities.

Consignment Sales : Allows for products to be either sold on consignment to clients or for you to hold suppliers products on consignment in your warehouse

Remote Access Tablet Application There are 2 versions here and here Runs on an  Android Tablet to pull in Labour and Materials used onsite for jobs to the Standard Job Costing Module. More Info

Source Code :  Gives you access to the design of the InterAcct system so that you can make changes to the software and reports.

Real Estate Module : Enables you to list properties with automatic uploads of photos, listings etc. Reporting, CRM for real Estate. Tracking costs of listings, potential Buyers and more. More Info

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