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Software highlights for Service Maintenance Software

The administration work load and paperwork to run a Service Department can just about ‘kill’ any profits from it.

The InterAcct Service Maintenance software is designed to run efficiently with minimal effort being required.

  • Attached to the central database of Clients & Prospects is the Service Menu.
  • Here, you can record multiple Site Locations per customer.
  • At each site location, you can record what equipment is installed, and the Service Contract(s).
  • A service/maintenance contract can be on multiple items of each Equipment Type, across multiple service intervals.
  • It automatically sets up a forward schedule of maintenance jobs, with an estimate of the labour hours and materials required.
  • Scheduled Service jobs are created automatically. Search enquiries allow you to schedule employees in advance.
  • InterAcct also sets up an automatic periodic invoice plan so that service contract billing are not overlooked, and takes little or no Admin effort.
  • As actual employee time sheet hours are recorded against job, and materials issued to jobs, there is a simple check to see that the service contract remains profitable throughout it’s term.
  • The “Service” software module is often personalised to allow detailed specifications on equipment – specific to the InterAcct customer’s industry.
  • Employees can maintain a work schedule/diary by date & time.
  • Non scheduled service jobs can be entered for a customer’s (or Prospect’s) equipment. Service history is updated. The service job can be done on-site, in the workshop, or at a Sub Contractor’s location.
  • For ad-hoc service jobs, the customer’s equipment register can be created ‘on the fly’ by the system for new equipment items.
  • For “Do & Charge” type service work, you can automatically create Draft Invoices, edit them if necessary, and then process them en bulk. Less admin time again.
  • There are standard search enquiry screens by a Type, Make, Model – by Customer.
  • You can search on Warranty expiry, or Service Contract expiry dates.
  • You can also search on Serial numbers – by customer.
  • The Property database allows you to search on physical property addresses, regardless of who the current owner is, and see what work has taken place at that location.
  • The standard reports can also be personalised to suit.


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